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Indagine Su Un Sentimento review

Posted : 9 years, 11 months ago on 2 April 2014 06:00 (A review of Indagine Su Un Sentimento)

Indagine su un sentimento marks the return to the origins of the brothers Zampaglione . A " come back" to form , saw the return of the perfect pair Frederick Francis to the texts and sounds. A "come back " even sound , with echoes of classical instrumentation mixed with samplers , synthesizers and drum machines of its first production of Tiromancino . Investigation of a feeling is a concept album that sees behind the triptych freedom , loneliness, love. Topics within which bind the words engraved by Frederick Zampaglione . Pen careful to affect, through vivid images , the ethereal essence of emotions and feelings.

Forty minutes during which the fan musical opens on the Italian tradition of songwriting for Free and funk combined with synth fleeting presences . Notes and syllables in constant balance , a combination also found in the artistic life , one would think . Ten albums , and so this celebration could not use friends as Pierpaolo Capovilla and his unmistakable voice that goes to embed itself in a March night , keyboardist Mike Barson of Madness signing text and music Never knew your name - rehabilitation Never Knew Your Name - Joy Ragozzino and Gnu Quartet.

Investigation of a feeling is a visual disk where polaroid of life are projected on ten tracks from the solitude of Shakespeare's King Lear Never knew your name , on which Zampaglione sews a filmic text . An album that hits like a hook to the stomach for emotional empathy . Lived and images may be compared to those photographs within the family album , which I browse alone and free in a room with the door open ready to run to new destinations . The Tiromancino are back and have exceeded all expectations.

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Old Boy review

Posted : 9 years, 12 months ago on 5 March 2014 07:28 (A review of Old Boy)

Sanremo, Wednesday 19 , at nine thirty-five. Giuliano Palma has just finished singing " So far away " and " A kiss cruel." Armin Zöggeler bronze medal in Sochi in luge, appears on the stage of the Ariston to proclaim the song that goes to the next step . While Fabio Fazio and Luciana Littizzetto interviewing the luger , Palma is on the sidelines with his legs crossed , his right shoe pointed to the ground, the boom contested at ninety degrees , his head slightly bowed , his eyes hidden by sunglasses. If it is so , still : the promotional photo of himself. " Old boy" has the same effect : it is the record of a dandy who performs his best poses . Seduce with ease, but struggled to leave a lasting impression and deep.
The story is this . After twenty years of concerts and fifteen discs with Bluebeaters , Giuliano Palma gave us a cut : the end of the collaboration with the group , just ska , stop the formula now worn covers. To start focusing on himself. As a follow up to the 2002 solo album " Grand Prix " . To break free from the past, a bit ' as the protagonist of the film by Park Chan -Wook , " Old Boy ", which was held in captivity for twenty years without knowing why . In spite of the premises , the album does not change the musical philosophy of Palma. There are no bumps or turning points . The production curated by singer Fabio Merigo is unashamedly retro . Puts aside ska to embrace a form of R & B melodious coded so well with Mark Ronson and Amy Winehouse here filtered through the sensibility of an esthete mod Palma. And so the introduction of " A fault" gives a nod to Curtis Mayfield and " A kiss cruel " mimics some lovely songs of The Supremes . This also applies to " So far ," with text by Nina Zilli , eleventh in the final standings of the festival. " Now you know " is instead written by Samuel Subsonica : it was upbeat , Palm has changed into a rock -soul because "enough with this upbeat, now we want to beat."

The plant soul and rhythm & blues based horn stabs and supported by tasty keyboard parts leaves no room for changes in the script , right in strokes of color as the flavors westerns " 10 Steps " , the panache exoticizing of 'L ' summer will come , "the indolence of jazz " Perfect wrong . " The latter would not tune in Sanremo with its romantic air , and those " endless walls " winking at "Heaven in a room " by Gino Paoli . The only cover is " Always something there to remind me" of Bacharach -David , who was already Sandie Shaw and Dionne Warwick passes without leaving a mark. " Like yesterday ," with two short inserts rap Marracash , has the fragrance of certain things of the Style Council , the group Eighties another mod esthete , Paul Weller . The autobiographical underlying the title " Old Boy " , which indicates - as explained Palma - nature boy disheveled despite 48 years of age, is not declined in the texts, but the tension in the fun and disengagement. A tension that culminates in " A grand finale " that closes the album with a surge of pace and with the image of angels drunken dancing in the storm . Elsewhere unfortunately abound words of love ( the lyrics are mostly Christian and Andrea Bonomo Sormani Valli ) is not exactly original or daring : " Blame your eyes that millions have seen me," "Heaven and we , nothing more , let's stay together under this blue "," Feel that cold it is , but your skin knows, the summer will come. " From one with the pedigree of Palma think it's reasonable to expect something better, something more.
" Old boy " suggests that at one time were the most melodious songs , the singers most elegant , the feelings the easiest , and therefore you might as well face the music you like you did then. The problem is the lack of daring leaps . Okay, are songs . It's stuff made ​​to be hummed , to dance , to entertain . And from this point of view, " Old boy" reach the goal . But it also serves as inspiration in pop unsettling , the passage you do not expect , the effect of surprise. And in here if they miss . With its ordinary love stories and his nostalgic impulses , " Old Boy " is likely to look like a disk unhistorical . Or maybe it fell perfectly into this weird time when you look back , because the future is gone and the present is unreadable.

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G I R L review

Posted : 9 years, 12 months ago on 5 March 2014 07:22 (A review of G I R L)

The first ( and previous ) Pharrell solo album came out in 2006, was titled " On My Mind " and , although it was already a pretty popular character , was not a great success. It was a collection of pieces mainly hip-hop without infamy and without praise, winning a pair of hooks , featuring the usual deluge of texts and all money & pussy . The disc had various covers that portrayed the icon fumettosa Pharrell created by designer streetwear Japanese BAPE , one of them with a t-shirt " Billionaire Boys Club" , a brand of clothing created by the two together . In short , a kind of black Briatore , more street and stylish .
What happened thereafter is a continuous and never-ending tide of collaborations, productions , appearances and endorsements of various types culminated in 2013 with the triplet " blurried lines" , "Get Lucky " and " Happy" who have turned him into the little king contemporary pop .
Pharrell has since turned 40 years old, is married, has calved , has made ​​up his mind to become the next Michael Jackson and now, with a time- to-market perfect, he releases his new album .
Look at the cover: a photo apparently not very glamorous and cool ( but you will see , this summer when he will be right in the streets of Milan during fashion week parade many pegs with bathrobe and sunglasses ), three girls - but not the classic smandrappate from hip-hop videos - had just emerged from a session in the sauna or all'idromassggio , and then he , serious, clean, contented , confident and self-aware ( aid , the comparison with Briatore becomes more and more accurate ... ) .
Here , this image tells very well the intentions of this disc and the new direction of Pharrell Williams ( full name) in which they are made ​​precise choices .
First : no hip-hop. No counterpoint rap , not even a mention of the brand symbol for niggers , featuring zero of buddies with catenoni space instead to her new BFF Hans Zimmer which inserts at the start ( "Marilyn Monroe " ), a great orchestral carpet , just to make it clear to public that it is serious here . Great next single , however .
Second, remember the friends , take them a little ' around, and stay near your direct competitors . In " Gust of Wind " (the single accompanying the album release ) along with Zimmer gather Daft Punk, or their hardcover in robot version ( as named by Pharrell ) sadly more and more close to the Rockets. As Sun Tzu says, " Keep your friends close, but still keep your enemies closer " and then here's the piece chain "Brand new " with Justin Timberlake, the only potentially able to compete today with him in the song is difficult distinguish the falsetto of the two, but it is recognizable the small guitar à la "I Want You back " by Jackson 5 (so much for those who have not yet figured out what is the matrix and the ultimate goal ) .
Third : take the best of N * E * R * D and your foul . The underrated former band to which he belonged good Pharrell has produced some great things , mixing rock , funk and psychedelia as only few ( Sly Stone , Prince) have failed to do . In songs like "Lost Queen " and the final " It girl" is an evolution of that sound , which also come into play African rhythms , long guitar solos and cowbells . And it's a real pleasure to listen to.
Fourth, you're mature , be "adult " (even if you do not understand ) . Not only " GIRL" ( we write it at least once with the caps lock and spacious as the explicit request of the artist ) is a disc sounds for adult and intentions - as in the funk-rock of "Hunter" which refers to "Once in a lifetime " by the Talking Heads and " Rapture " by Blondie - Pharrell but also , like any self-respecting black artist , at some point in the career fits into the songs " spiritual issues " , although in a superficial way . Former Skateboard P intercepts the theme of mindfulness and inserts it into the hidden track " Freq" after "Lost Queen" repeating with the Curtis Mayfield falsetto like a mantra " you have to go to the inside to the outside living space that has been built for you "( you girls , of course) .
And so we come to the ...
Fifth: The Message . And if this could also be avoided. But there is a repositioning to defend and charges of misogyny derived from the text of "Blurred Lines " is a dirty stain on the reputation of our Google results . Here then is that the entire disk is an ode to the woman , " fundamental force in the world and the cornerstone of existence " as stated in the presentation of the disc. But in this celebration Pharrell does not speak of rights, equal pay and flexible hours at work, but what he knows best, which is to have sex with beautiful women who can not resist his charm ( "Hunter" ) . Hence the comparsata Miley Cyrus ( " Come get in bae ") with a series of metaphors about sex & engines that even in the best hustler, while in the notes lascivious of " Gush " Pharrell threatens the girl to turn to " make him your ass on fire " . In short, a bit ' like Beyonce that makes the feminist connilingus with others.
Oh, last thing . To read and sublime pop songs like "Happy" , here there is only "Happy" .

"Marilyn Monroe "
"Brand New " (feat. Justin Timberlake)
" Gush "
" How to Get It Bae " (feat. Miley Cyrus)
" Gust of Wind " (feat. Daft Punk)
"Lost Queen"
(Ghost Track ) " Freq"
"You Know Who You Are" (feat. Alicia Keys)
" It Girl "

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High Hopes review

Posted : 10 years, 2 months ago on 30 December 2013 06:46 (A review of High Hopes)

There weren' t high hopes for this album , despite its title. Instead , surprise, Bruce Springsteen has put together perhaps his most straight hard rock and blatantly over the last 10 years, a collection of inhomogeneities in homogeneous rock .
There were no "high hopes " after the announcement of the carrier song , a cover already engraved in the 90s and dusted off in the Australian tour in March. To read the tracklist, then : 12 songs, including two covers, a total of 4 songs , 2 of which have already been published and that are virtually car - covers of well-known songs ( " The Ghost of Tom Joad ," which gave him the title album , and " American Skin (41 shots )"). Here we go with the critical preventative fans have unleashed their most uncompromising side . The " hater" have revived their theory : live is not discussed, but not Springsteen guesses a disc for centuries.
Now , it is clear that Springsteen has eclipsed the climax of its production of the study even though the last decade has given us at least two gems ("The Rising " and " Seeger Sessions" ) . But the original sin of " High hopes " is actually due to " Wrecking Ball " , which already contained two songs not unusual ( the title track and " Land of Hope and Dreams" ) - choice already met with skepticism at the time . It is equally clear, as noted by our cousins ​​Rockol.com that Springsteen in the world will not make any tour to promote the disc , but you do discs to stay on tour : a footprint rule applies to the entire industry , of which the Boss is the most obvious incarnation .
Despite its origins , " High hopes " is not a collection raccogliticcia , indeed. It 'just a rock record honest , straightforward, no frills, with less political and less folk rock that in " Wrecking Ball ." The reason is Tom Morello, muse album (the idea to brush up on " High hopes " is his ) , to misrepresent this with his guitar in 8 out of 12 songs . Too well , in certain passages : his injection of energy is indubitable, but more than once on the solos acids play a little ' away from the heat of the E Street Band - that is all past and present : including Clarence Clemons and Danny Federici, because between songs are songs recorded in the last decade and ended today. Since this is also reflected in the production credits , divided between Brendan O'Brien ( who has worked with the Boss from " The Rising " to " Working on dream" ) and Ron Aniello ( " Wrecking Ball ").
The album will be released January 14th - even in a limited edition that includes a DVD with the entire " Born in the USA " performed live in London. Just a few days ago Amazon has ( accidentally ? ) To sell the disc to MP3 for a few hours. But first things first .

" High hopes " song by song

" High hopes " - A cover of Havalinas already engraved and published in the 90s in an EP attached to the VHS of "Blood Brothers " rockumentary about the reunion of the E Street Band. The new version , you know , is much more energetic, and has since undergone the unmistakable sound of the guitar Morello . The real regret is the presence of the winds : here sound great ( as live ) . But in the rest of the album and then disappear almost completely .

"Harry's place" - A song from the sessions of "The Rising " , it is not difficult to understand why it is left out that part with bass and synth , with a hollow sound , almost 90s (remember certain things "Human Touch " ) - to tell a story worthy of a noir novel - the best thing about the song. Morello 's guitar , added recently, it intersects with the sax of Clarence Clemons .

"American Skin (41 Shots ) " - The " 41 shots " are the bullets reached an innocent African-American boy who pulled a wallet from his pocket and was gunned down by police in New York, convinced it was a gun. The song is played live since 2000 (it was also included in the "Live in New York " in 2001) and generated a very strong controversy with the local police when it was proposed in New York. I already ran an engraving studio a decade ago never officially published . But this version opens with one of those sampled rhythms often used lately, and then open up with Morello 's guitar dominates until the end, the chorus repeated ad libitum. However, one of the best things written by Springsteen in the last decade .

"Just like fire would " - A cover story of the Australian band Saints , played only once in the tour of the continent of Oceania. It opens with guitars and violin, along the lines of " Waitin ' on a sunny day " ( one of the central songs of the last tour ) and becomes a straight rock and old fashioned, where Morello 's guitar stays in the background , until ' entry in the final of the trumpet . In its simplicity is perhaps the most beautiful thing on the disc : very faithful to the original , also very reminiscent of John Mellencamp . Chapeau to have dusted off this gem.

" Down in the Hole " - The voice of Patti Scialfa , dark sounds and percussion , voice filtered to introduce a Springsteen song then part of a rhythm that reminds very much, " I'm on fire ." One of the songs of this album completely unknown , a slowdown after the initial triple accelerated , enriched by a beautiful central duet between the violin and the organ of Danny Federici (who died in 2008, but the song was largely recorded and produced before from O'Brien) .

"Heaven's Wall" - Another song straight, which opens with an almost gospel choir ( "Raise your hand , raise your hand ! ) , Which then becomes the backbone of the melody. Even here Morello has fun with his guitar , and even exaggerating weighting the tone light and fun of the song , which is dominated by the voices and violin.

" Frankie fell in love " - Another song that starts like a rock veined country: a simple and straight love song, the lightest of the whole collection , with an unlikely dialogue between Albert Einstein and William Shakespeare on love.

" This is your sword" - A song that incorporates the biblical metaphors of "Heaven's wall" , opening with a few seconds of bagpipes which then are placed in the background leaving room for the guitars. And linear melody - the song that is more reminiscent of the atmosphere of folk-rock of " Wrecking Ball "

" Hunter of invisible game" - Arcs and acoustic guitar for a song that the removal of a waltz : another quick break after the central triptych , another song ( like the previous three) completely new .

" The Ghost of Tom Joad " - The most popular song of all - it was the title track of the album " only " of '95 . It has long played in this rock version completely different from the minimal acoustic and original and often find Tom Morello was on stage , so that the duet was immortalized in a digital EP live a few years ago. This is a version of overwhelming rage , in which Morello ( who sings a verse ) gives the best of himself . But even worse , like when you take your hand dall'assolo , dusting sounds from Rage Against The Machine ... The E Street Band, as solid as ever , does the rest.

" The Wall" - song performed live on four occasions , tells the story of an old friend who disappears in Vietnam : a delicate and touching ballad for acoustic guitar, piano and organ with trumpet solo final . Touching.

"Dream Baby Dream" - Song of closing the tour of " Devils & Dust " , which was sung simply by sending looped vocals and pump organ , is a cover of Suicide , already published both live in an EP , in this new version is produced by Ron Aniello - already widespread a few weeks ago in a touching video of thanks to the fans. Played more and less gloomy as the original version , not the hypnotic live version , but no less fascinating for both.

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Let's Do It Again review

Posted : 10 years, 2 months ago on 27 December 2013 11:53 (A review of Let's Do It Again)

Let's Do It Again is the new album by Judas , Roman band exploded thanks to the Number 10 song dedicated to Francesco Totti . It includes ten songs , played with urgency and humility, dedicated to rock more festive so perfect for an evening at the pub as to be sung at the stadium. Indeed, Let's Do It Again , smelled deeply the smell of the '70s , when music made ​​you stomp and rock joint was popular in the world of football.

The album was recorded in analog by the manufacturer Danilo Silvestri, even using old Italian amplifiers modified to achieve the typical sound of the seventies . The first track Wild Tiger Woman is also the first single and acts a bit ' manifesto of the album : a tiger roaring , slashing guitars , a bass and lilting rhythm in growth. Follows Yellow Dash, punk rock , then Get That Goal still dedicated all'incitazione of their favorite team accompanied by a fake sports commentary . The fourth track title could not have a more glam rock Teenage Rebel. Rave On , Hold Me Tight and Roller Skaters Rule O.K. have a sound blood dotted with hand clapping , as well as Fat Boy Boogie , so inspired by AC / DC. The album ends quickly , about thirty minutes of fire and flames , and then everyone in the locker room .

Nothing new, except that we are in Italy , in 2013 , and this vintage glam pop rock so well done if they have always felt very little. Let's Do It Again is not a work of art, but it embodies the basic principle of rock'n'roll , which is fun : it manages to do it justice with spontaneity but leaving nothing to chance.

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Christmas Songs review

Posted : 10 years, 2 months ago on 24 December 2013 11:59 (A review of Christmas Songs)

Even punks like Santa Claus, snow, tree and all that stuff . Less than a year after the release of their latest album, "True north" , released on the market in January, Bad Religion return it to appear on the music market with a Christmas album, soberly titled " Christmas songs :" among the songs included in the tracklist include classic holiday theme - obviously reinterpreted in punk rock - like " White Christmas ," " Little drummer boy " and "What child is this? " , as well as a remix made ​​by Andy Wallace of " American Jesus , "originally entered in" Recipe for hate " in 1993.
In recent months, the Californian punk veterans have been forced to do without the presence of guitarist Greg Hetson in training and in fact "Christmas Songs" is the first recorded work without him from "Into the Unknown " in 1983 . Although the reasons for the flat fee of Hetson were never formalized ( in a statement released early last May by bassist Jay Bentley was referring to unspecified " personal problems " ) , it seems that forcing the musician at the stop sign was the stormy divorce from his second wife Alia .
Two curiosities : 20% of the revenue of the disk will be allocated to SNAP , an association that assists victims of sexual abuse by clergy , the cover photo is taken by click " New shoes " by Gerald Waller, who portrays an orphan in Austria in 1946 that has just received a new pair of shoes from the American Red Cross.


Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
O Come All Ye Faithful
O Come, O Come Emmanuel
white Christmas
Little Drummer Boy
' God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
' What Child Is This ?
' Angels We Have Heard On High
American Jesus (Andy Wallace Mix)

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BEYONCÈ review

Posted : 10 years, 2 months ago on 16 December 2013 08:41 (A review of BEYONCÈ)

Calm down . Beyoncé has released an album on a Friday in December with no official announcements , but calm down . Rumors of a new collection of the singer had become insistent in recent months, and circulated from even before she decides what would be the mode of publication. In a sense , shift the focus from the individual album so unconventional was the only sensible move he could do after that with the excellent " 4" could not even insert a song in the top 10 U.S. . But Beyoncé has never been far from the spotlight in the last year (or any year of the Lord, when he started to sing ), and Bowie can rest assured to release the most amazing surprise of 2013 is still his .
The album (sorry, visual album, because it also contains 17 videos ) is less unpredictable from the point of view of music and the reason is to be found in the credits : Both a text and one of Ryan Tedder ; duets with Drake, Frank Ocean and the husband ; Pharrell found some retro beats and some of Timbaland and Timberlake. Excluding two signatures unexpected ( Caroline Polacheck of Chairlift and the mysterious producer Boots ) , there is all the zeitgeist of pop / r & b in recent years. It is not at all a bad thing, because everyone seems to have made ​​the best contribution possible. Beyoncé no longer accepts demo recycled as other pop star , then the amount of filler is kept to a minimum and the average quality is very high .
But in all this perfection expensive , it is hard to find a new classic. The best candidates could be "Heaven" , rending ballad dedicated to a missing person (or perhaps the first child that Beyoncé has failed to have) , and "Pretty Hurts" , a critical bit 'obvious cosmetic surgery , however, accompanied by a video documenting the bitter behind the scenes of a beauty contest. Reflections on the image of women and their role in society continue in the trap abrasive " *** Flawless " brilliant reinterpretation of 've heard "Bow Down " and containing the sampling of a TED talk about feminism Nigerian writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie . It is laudable idea that few other singers could afford, but highlights the irritating cerchiobottismo Beyoncé : on the one hand , hymns seriosissimi emancipation , and on the other hand , songs and videos in which you put at the full disposal of the man who view by drawing an imaginary sexual anything but progressive. Much of the album follows this thematic strand with musical ideas as dated but very effective : the funk of "Blow " (the title says it all ) is the perfect meeting point between Pharrell and Timbaland , the lascivious "Rocket " seems the female response to " Untitled " by D'Angelo (and it is written by the best heir of D'Angelo Miguel ), the obscure r & b electronic " Partition" is colored with double entenders rapped (unfortunately without much irony ), " Drunk in love " with Jay -Z is the continuation of more explicit , more detailed and slower than " Crazy in Love " .
It is finally a bit ' of pure lightness in Motown dreamy Frank Ocean in " Superpower " (which could be one of the best songs of "channel ORANGE " ) and release " XO " which, combined with an equally festive video , it would be ( and , it is said , will be) a good single . They are the only two licenses of a very dark album , and staff for anything commercial , in which one of the best voices in the world proves that he has the means and vision to do his own thing . It has no fillers or obvious defects but also peaks potentially memorable , and it is perhaps this lack of teasers to the radio or the charts the most distinctive trait of " Beyoncé " - as well as the most significant revolution of an album released on a Friday in December without official announcements .


Pretty hurts
Drunk in love feat. Jay -Z
No angel
Mine feat. Drake
Flawless *** feat. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
Superpower feat. Frank Ocean
Blue feat. Blue Ivy

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What The... review

Posted : 10 years, 2 months ago on 10 December 2013 08:00 (A review of What The...)

I know a guy , a staunch fan of Black Flag ( pre- Rollins period of time than that with Rollins, for instance). One that has the logo of the four black bars tattooed big one on his right forearm . It ' happened that after hearing this new "What the ... " he had to fight hard with himself not to make an appointment on the fly from a tattoo artist, to do this cover with another design . Understood the hint ? ( Ok , the tattoo guy I am, I confess ) .
The problem is that the mission impossible to resurrect the Black Flag after 28 years since the last record, and in addition with an education that sees only a key member (the leader genialode Greg Ginn , Ron Reyes was in the band for so little time be little more than a meteor ) , was destined to fail from the start . Probably should not have even conceived . The reasons are many ... we want to mention a few ?
Let's start with the fact that the legends it is usually best to keep them that way . Then there is the matter that at age 50 you can hardly have played the credibility and rage when you were 20 , in a genre so fierce as that of Black Flag . We continue by noting that between Flag and Black Flag there is also a certain inflation of people who travels the world to revive a legacy not really too heavy to crush the unwary who want to sobbarcarsela groped . And in this regard it seems more appropriate to the approach of the Flag ( a handful of former Black Flag ) that simply coverizzano themselves : an honest job as a cover band , unpretentious . The will , however, revitalize the group with a new album ( 22 tracks of well ) was an unforgivable mistake .
The result is a record that would not be too bad in absolute value (remember definitely exploit some of the early Black Flag ), but does not live up to what was done by the group. Paradoxically, if we were in the presence of a new group , even complete strangers , we would find it much more enjoyable, a harbinger of a future promise for fulminant for a creative upward flight . Instead, this , in the parable, is the arm downward , we are talking about Black Flag . Period.
The feeling is that Ginn " we 've tried ." The brand is still very strong indeed ... and have thought it could be worth putting out a disc with this name. Too bad he shot really too high, and conducted the operation in the classic modus operandi that sets it apart : arguing with everyone, with no self-critical and regardless of what the fanbase would have thought of the matter.
To all this we add a really creepy cover (it looks like the graphics of a bag of chips ), which does not hold even for error comparison with the legendary artwork of Raymond Pettibon (brother of Ginn - needless to say they fought fiercely and no longer speak stanezza that ... ! ) .
Let's pretend that it never came out. Perhaps some young, maybe he had the misfortune not to know even the original production of the band, you'll fall for it. All others do not.

" My heart 's pumping"

" Down in the Dirt "
" Blood and ashes "
" Now is the time"
" Wallow in despair"
"Slow your ass down"
" It's so absurd "

"Shut up"
"This is hell"

" Go away "

" The bitter end "
"The Chase "
" I'm sick "
"It's not my time to go-go "
" Lies"

" Get out of my way"
"No teeth "
"To hell and back"

"Give me all your dough "
" You gotta be joking "

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Pure Heroine review

Posted : 10 years, 2 months ago on 5 December 2013 07:19 (A review of Pure Heroine)

If you do not live in a shell , and sometimes if you happen to listen to the music - that - turn- around , then you definitely know " Royals " , the piece a few weeks ago is flooding the airwaves Italian , the sounds of the network and also those TV. It is a powerful pop song , let's face it , all built on a hip-hop beat minimal, with a melody that hooks , original voice and text far from trivial . Her name is Ella Yelich -O ' Connor , aka Lorde , comes from New Zealand, has just turned seventeen, but writes and sings at least five .
The piece was a hit in the hometown of Lorde , then conquered the States - coming first in the ranking of the Billboard Alternative and then directly in the top of the rankings mainstream, even earning the cover of the magazine - and finally, thanks to word of mouth only it is extended to the entire network , with 60 million video views on YouTube and two million singles sold. All without any scandal or provocation to fill morbid little columns of the newspapers online.
The second single "Tennis Court" is placed on the same level of quality , with a dry beat of someone who has learned the lesson of pop and dubstep applied to an interesting text that denounces the false conformity that surrounds it ( " We're so happy , even When We're smilin'out of fear ").
Of girls from one-hit wonder we have seen a lot in recent years and the comparison with Lana Del Rey (come on, on , now do not pretend to forget the charm that had exercised upon you a piece like " Videogame" ) becomes automatic . But usually the phenomenon deflates immediately with the release of the first disk. So here is the first record (after the lucky ep that contained " Royals " ) that Lorde actually preparing for over two years . Although the pieces are not all at the level of the two individuals - and the third single " Team" marks a discontinuity heavy - it is a minimal electronic pop record unexpectedly beautiful and opens up a pop archetype : Lorde in fact unable to tell the enterprise from inside the teenage years through a stream of poetic consciousness and suffering ( alcohol to forget "400 Lux" , the sense of death " Still Sane "). But at the same time , there is in the subject with a mature detachment, thanks to the sounds and production (very oriented XX ) of Joel Little and in this his manifesto is the penultimate piece "White teen teeth " ("I am not a white teeth teen, I tried to join but never did . The way they are , the way they Seem is something else , it 's in the blood . Their molars blinking like the lights in the underpass where we all sit . And do nothing , and love it " ) .

The disc in the long run is likely to be a bit 'samey' , thanks to a certain indolence item Lorde , and some songs that you lose some ' down the street , but considering the young age and the maturity with which is managing their own careers , are some of which Lorde will hear about for a long time .


Tennis court
400 lux
buzzcut season
Glory and gore
Still Sane
White Teeth Teens
A World Alone

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Mondovisione review

Posted : 10 years, 2 months ago on 2 December 2013 08:16 (A review of Mondovisione)

Read Monovision and can not pop into mind the song that launched him . But when the first part of the sound track The wall seems to have almost been 20 years since that Ligabue. The sound is scratchy and gritty , with a slight debt to American-style rock involved , and only the piano so much emphasis care arrangements shows a much more mature ( the same one that will come back in two musical interludes in the mid- album). What happens to Luciano da Correggio ? After a tour in the pop , he returned to his dreams of rock and roll ? Or his soul is now (with) divided between the two genres? Compromised , they would say perhaps fans of the first hour. More modern facilities, hordes of girls who have come to know in recent years. Ligabue not churned out a disc of unreleased for three years and the expectation around this his tenth studio album was really great. And so the expectations . That are not at all disappointed.

The first single from The salt of the earth , although not one of the most successful pieces of the singer, had given the impression of a breakthrough both in music and in the lyrics of the rocker . Just listen to the disc in order to understand that it is not. Those who had hoped for a return to the origins of that rejoice ( Born to live and Under the guise of rock'n'roll ) . Who has always loved his ballads have music for your ears ( and Forever We are who we are) . In short Luciano seems to have thought a little ' at all. There are also several pieces in that unmistakable style Liga , much criticized by detractors , but much envied by all those who can not imitate him ( The volume of your lies and Snow cares ) . It will not be his best work , but it's a good album . And, what is not obvious , it improves with each listen .

Many have thought before hearing Monovision , misinterpreting statements of the same Ligabue, a hard political (in the sense of politicized ) . In political reality of this record has very little (and thankfully ), but certainly a hint of anger and indignation that denotes an intention social . There is also space for two good songs Personal : The earth trembles , my love, dedicated to his Emilia after the earthquake of 2012, and What's left of us , one of the most poignant songs of the entire repertoire of the singer. Almost every piece will have space on the stage, many will work properly in the stadiums and also gain some respite . How many are up to the best Liga ? Matter of taste , perhaps, but even if the level is good, there seems to be a piece that stands out over the others. Certainly it is clear which is the only song not really successful. You are she is the only stumbling block to Monovision surprising fact has been chosen as the second single (a little ' too commercial in wanting to wink at teenagers) . But the album as a whole is well structured, balanced and greets everyone with a bell'arrivederci sad but smiling is also an appropriate closure of the ladder in live ( I'm always dreams to shape the world).

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